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We are recruiting volunteer board members!

Raising Futures Kenya (NGO OP.218/051/2003/0378/3014), who are the Kenyan NGO behind the Seed of Hope programme, are looking for new volunteer Board members to join us.

For 21 years we have worked in close partnership with Raising Futures Kenya in the UK who provide fundraising and support, but we are a separate NGO in Kenya with our own Board.

It’s an exciting time to join our Board as we begin our new strategic plan era. We’ll be continuing the success of our Seed of Hope skills training and support programme, and looking at ways to expand our impact to support more young people to become self-reliant.

Role of Board of Governance

The RFK Board comprises leaders with a keen interest in vocational training and youth and community development in Kenya.

The board members are required to attend at least 4 annual meetings, one of which will be an Annual General Meeting. We aim for two of these meetings to be in-person physical meetings in Nairobi. Members outside the country, or out of Nairobi, can still join in the meetings virtually.

Board members are required to read board materials before the meeting dates to enable full and active participation in governance, strategic, legal, compliance and general discussions, decisions and debates. 

The Board of Governance is ultimately responsible for all the NGOs activities as per the requirements and provisions of the NGOs Board and The Non- Governmental Organizations Coordination  Act of Kenya.

We are currently recruiting 3 board members with the following profiles, expertise and knowledge in one or more of the following fields:

  • Fundraising on a national and international level from Trusts, Foundations, Institutions and/or Corporates, grants management and reporting
  • The Kenyan TVET sector and a keen interest in vulnerable and marginalised young people and young mothers
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL)
  • Organizational Development and risk management

Desired Skills /Expertise

All RFK Board members are required to have the following skills and capacities:

  • Knowledge, understanding and/or experience in governance, RFK’s mission and the laws, values and policies that govern its existence
  • Organizational and strategic awareness and experience
  • Personal and professional integrity
  • An understanding of the TVET industry and needs of youth in Kenya 
  • No Conflict of Interest
  • Appropriate financial literacy levels
  • Organization and risk management skills
  • Total commitment in furthering the interests of RFK programmes, interests, values and to achieve the goals of the organization
  • Willing to commit at least 8 hours per month to the respective areas of expertise on need basis to RFK
  • Willing to offer their services on a voluntary basis
  • A Kenyan citizen with the capacity of attending at least one physical meeting in Nairobi within their board membership term

Application process

To apply to become a board member, please complete the form in the linked document and send the completed form, along with your CV, to kenyaoffice@raisingfutureskenya.org by 30th September 2022.

Selection Process

Raising Futures Kenya executive committee will review all applications and suitable candidates notified for an over the phone interview by 15th October 2022.

More information

To find out more about the NGO, the role and the application process please download the Role Description and Application Pack here.